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SUNUV SUN9C 24W LED Nail Lamp Review

You have to be careful when purchasing an LED Nail Lamp as not all gel nail polishes are compatible with them, that is of course unless you have a lamp that features the latest technology combining LED and UV lights in one unit – which is exactly what the SUNV SUN9C 24W LED Nail Lamp does.

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SUNUV SUN9C Features
  • The SUNUV SUN9C allows you to cure almost any gel nail polish including LED gels, UV gel polish and UV  builder gel. It has a wrap around design in the curing chamber which means that your nails should cure quickly and evenly – no more half dry thumb nails!
  • The SUN9C has no base which means curing toenails is a breeze.
  • 24W of curing power mean it is low wattage but fast curing
  • Uses a unique white light which is less dangerous to skin and eyes
  • Timer feature
  • Automatic hand sensor


The SUN9C is a very easy to use LED Nail Lamp that is very affordable (in the sub $50 bracket). It uses a technology that squeezes both LED lights and UV lights into the unit so that it can cure a wider range of gel polishes than a normal LED lamp does. It also uses a unique light color which is a white light, instead of the purple light that you are likely used to, the marketing behind this lamp tells us that it emits less dangerous rays than a standard UV lamp but we still recommend taking all the proper precautions.

If you are a beginner at doing your own gel nails at home then this LED Nail Lamp is likely perfect for you. It is super easy to use and has some great features that make everything easy. The two setting timer is great, and lets you cure your nails for 30 or 60 seconds, and you can use the automatic sensor that knows when your hand is in the lamp and switches the lights on and off automatically.

SUNUV SUN9C ReviewChoice of Colors

We do love choice, and having the ability to choose between a blue, pink, or white lamp was great


The SUN9C is large enough to fit your whole hand or foot in saving you precious time, which is probably why you are wanting to buy a led nail light in the first place!


It comes with a pretty standard 12 month warranty, and while we have not had to deal with the manufacturer ourselves – apparently it is a painless process if something does go wrong.

What we Didn’t Like

There really is not much to dislike about the SUNUV SUN9C, if we had to pick something it is the fact that it could do with another one or two timer settings and also it can feel a bit flimsy and lightweight – but that could be a benefit depending on what your situation.

Compatible Gel Nail Polishes

We have not tested all brands of polish, but we can confirm that the SUNUV SUN9C Led Nail Lamp works with the following polishes:

Please note it is highly likely that this nail lamp works with other polishes, but these are the brands we have tested.

The Verdict

How Well Does it Work?

An easy to use LED nail lamp with all the main features you need, the SUNUV SUN9C is great for anyone starting out with gel nail polishes.

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