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SNS Nails: Reviews and Guides for SNS Dipping Powder

SNS Nails – Welcome to Signature Nail Systems

sns nails dipping powderManicure enthusiasts everywhere have been celebrating the rise of a new brand of gel nail polish called Signature Nail Systems (SNS nails).

This new breed of gel nail polish, otherwise known as a type of dip powder nails, is a convenient way to strengthen natural nails while achieving a gel manicure look at home—even for amateurs—and can be easily retouched or refilled after several weeks of wear.

What is SNS Nail Polish?

Also sometimes called powder gel nails, SNS nails provide many of the benefits afforded by traditional gel nail polish but minus a few of the drawbacks:

SNS nails do not require any additional equipment to dry, such as the gel nail lamp used to set traditional gel nail polish, and instead hardens rapidly after contact with a specially formulated powder.

This new sensation in the manicure world is growing due to its many benefits, and is just now widely available from many online retailers.

There are many benefits to wearing SNS nails, read on to learn more about this amazing nail polish system.

Get Started with SNS Nails

If you want to get started with SNS dipping powder quickly, the starter kit listed below includes everything you need. Otherwise read on to learn more.

SNS Nails Starter Kit
  • Note:Products are recommended for professional use only
  • French manicure sets
  • Made in US

Want a cheaper way to get started? You can get away with these two products below:

SNS Nails Pros and Cons

This chart will help you understand how SNS nails compare to the other big manicure technologies.

gel nils vs sns nails

  • Type of

  • Average Wear Time

  • Average Salon Cost
  • Can it be Refilled?
  • Removal Technique
  • Special Equipment Required?

  • Products Required
gel nails vs sns nails
sns nails vs gel nails

Basic Application of SNS Nails

The application of SNS nails is actually quite simple, and can be condensed down to 3 basic steps:

  1. Apply gel base (bonder)
  2. Dip your nails in the colored powder
  3. Apply gel top coat to finish

Instead of re-inventing the wheel, the best guide is this video:


The Benefits of SNS Nails:

1.   SNS Nails Make Your Natural Nails Stronger

The dipping powder is an important ingredient to your SNS nails manicure—not only to achieve a flawlessly smooth nail, but also to preserve and improve nail health.

On the one hand, acrylic manicures, regular, air-dry nail polish, and even some gel manicures can leave your nails brittle or even splitting.  Weak nails can be uncomfortable, look unpleasant, and, of course, do not grow well.  SNS nails dipping powder, on the other hand, reverses this damage and strengthens the natural nail.

Let’s take a look at WHY it works:

This process is possible due to the organically-processed chemicals present in the SNS nails dipping powder: Titatum Dioxide, Acrylic Ester Polymer, and Benzoyl Peroxide.  These components may in fact be less harmful than those found in traditional gel nail polishes that dry with UV or LED nail lamps.

And the best part:

SNS nails dipping powder therefore promotes nail strength and nail growth, for more attractive and healthier nails.  This means that if you soak the nail polish off, your natural nails will be longer and healthier than with any other alternative gel nail polishes available on the market.

2. SNS Nails Last for Weeks

sns nails
SNS Nails application

Like traditional gel nail manicures, SNS nails last for several weeks when tended to properly.  The SNS nail polish does not chip over time or break like regular nail polish and acrylic nails.  Rather the strong nails remain beautiful for up to three weeks, at which point they can be soaked off entirely using acetone and repainted entirely or can be easily retouched by filling only the gap of exposed natural nail between the previously applied SNS nail polish and the cuticle.  The process of retouching extends the life of your SNS nails by two or three weeks!

In contrast, gel nail polish can be difficult to touch up without visiting a professional at a nail salon.  This is because gel polishes can be difficult to dry evenly when applying polish to only one segment of the nail.

Many formulas are too runny and coverage cannot easily be controlled, while other formulas of gel nail polish do not flow fluidly enough and may clump up.  The SNS Nails gel base coat not only goes on relatively smoothly during a retouch, but also, after the powder has been applied, can be filed down smoothly.

This is difficult to do with gel nail polish, as filing down the top of the nail after application of polish can easily reveal scars and may compromise the shine of the polish.  After filing down the powdered SNS Nails manicure, one may apply the gel top coat polish in order to create a sleek and shiny finish.

3. SNS Nails Are Perfect for Do-it-Yourself Manicure

SNS nails can be achieved quickly and easily without a trip to the nail salon.

Here is why:

The only materials involved are the gel base coat and the dipping powder, which comes in a range of colors including classic french manicure white and pink.  This is a marked difference between SNS nails and traditional gel nail polish, which requires a special, and possibly harmful, UV lamp, or gel nail lamp, in order to set the polish smoothly.

Gel nail lamps have been found to exert light rays that may be damaging to skin health and may even raise the risk of developing medical side effects such as skin cancers.

Furthermore, some types of gel nail polish can burn when it makes contact with the skin under a gel nail lamp, but with SNS nails, you will never experience this pain again.  Also, finding and maintaining a Gel nail lamp may be difficult to do, but it is simple to obtain a dipping powder kit with all of the equipment necessary for an SNS nails manicure.

The manicure process is simple, too: just coat the nail with the SNS nails gel base coat and dip the polished nail into the SNS nails dipping powder.  Although some salons do offer services in which they manicure with SNS nail polish and SNS dipping powder, this system is by and large simple to use at home.

To refill a grown-out SNS nails manicure, simply follow the same process, applying gel base coat and dipping powder only where you need the touch-up.

4. SNS Nails Are Simply Gorgeous

sns nailsIt is easy to create unique nail designs with SNS nails. Rather than the disappointing results of a homemade attempt at a French manicure, with dipping powder it is simple to create striped designs on the nail.  One can easily control how much of each nail is dipped into various colors of dipping powder, making it simple to create a French manicure or striped pattern with any colors! Just like gel manicures, SNS nails look exceptionally shiny and always catch the light. SNS nail polishes and powders are growing in popularity and companies are coming out with new colors of dipping powder all the time. Although powder nail techniques are still being developed, the most popular brand is Signature Nail Systems (SNS). This brand offers its own concoction of gel base polish, which is to be paired with the special dipping powder. This powder comes in countless colors ranging from natural and traditional French manicure whites and pinks to sparkly green, neon pink, and classy coral.  The special Signature Nail Systems gel base polish and gel top coat are can also be purchased via Amazon, eBay, or the Signature Nail Systems homepage. Other brands currently only play a minor role in the nail polish world, are difficult to find, and only offer a limited array of different SNS nails dipping powder. SNS nails may not yet be well known, but their growing popularity is a clear reflection of the quality of these polishes and dipping powders.  They are simple to use, last a long time, are easy to retouch to prolong its longevity, and are great for Do-it-Yourself—manicurists at home! Furthermore, these polishes promote better nail health, which can lead to noticeable nail growth and nail strength.  Find your perfect shade online today!

Getting Started

If you are just getting started with SNS nails, the cheapest way by far is to invest in a starter kit. The SNS Dipping Powder French Nail Dip Kit is a perfect place to start.

The SNS Nails Starter Kit Comes With

    • 4 x dipping powders


  • 7 x gels



  • 1 x french tip moulding



Havent Heard of SNS Nails Before?

What is SNS? Havent heard of them before? Where have you been hiding? But seriously you probably have, as there are many different names that people call SNS nails. Some of these are:

    • powder gel nails


  • s and s nails (dont be embarrassed, you just misheard what someone said!)



  • nail dipping



  • dip nail powder



  • dip powder manicure



  • dip powder nail polish





How do I remove SNS Nails? See our guide on removing SNS nails here. What alternatives are there to SNS nails? If you have tried SNS nails and arent 100% happy, then perhaps look in ANC nails.

Alternatives to SNS Nails

Here are some popular powder dip nails alternatives to SNS:




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