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OPI Matte Nail Polish: Add Some Flair to your Nails!

Matte Nail Polish?

Have you been looking for a quick and simple way to spice up your go-to gel manicure?  Although nail art provides a creative outlet for the artistically inclined, the majority of us nail-polish fiends struggle with painting such detailed designs.

Luckily there’s an easier and fashionable solution to adding some pep to your manicure—OPI matte nail polish.

OPI matte nail polish is available as a gel-based nail polish or regular air dry polish, and in both forms it’s high quality effect is eye-catching without requiring much effort.

OPI matte nail polish comes in a variety of air-dry colors and a few gel colors.

All our sources tell us the company working like mad on new matte nail polish and is expected to add more colors to its repertoire in the near future.

OPI Matte Nail Polish Must-Haves

A matte finish may seem unconventional for nail polish, which is usually so shiny that it reflects the light, but this simple finish creates an eye-catching effect and clear-cut look.

Following are some some of our favorites.

#1: OPI Matte Nail Polish  – Gel Top Coat

You simply can’t go wrong with the classic gel top coat from the OPI Matte Nail Polish collection.

Just paint this top coat over any colored gel nail polish and polish will take on a matte finish.  Even the shiniest of polish doesn’t stand a chance against this top coat!

This top coat is compatible with any gel nail polish, including brands other the OPI and non-matte colors.  A quick and convenient fix to any boring gel manicure, this top coat only requires 30-seconds to dry using a gel nail lamp.

OPI also offers a Matte Nail Polish Air-Dry Top Coat, which can be used in combination with regular nail polish and does not require a gel nail lamp.  However, air-dry polishes have greater tendency to chip and show wear than do gel nail manicures.

OPI Matte Nail Polish Top Coat

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#2: OPI Matte Nail Polish – ‘Gel Fire Escape Rendezvous’

Spice up your look with a catchy bright color like this hot pink gel polish.

You’re guaranteed to stand out in the crowd with this feisty color, making it perfect for a night out with the girls or anytime you want to get noticed.

To make this playful color last, try pairing it with the OPI Matte Nail Polish Gel Top Coat.

For a classic glossy finish, simply apply a high-gloss top coat!

#3: OPI Matte Nail Polish Gel – ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’

If you’re not looking for a color a little subtler than the OPI Matte Nail Polish Fire Escape Rendezvous, we recommend the neutral pearl color of OPI Matte Nail Polish Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Despite the name, Breakfast at Tiffany’s is not the signature robin egg blue of the high-end brand.  This color is a light taupe or beige that does not call too much attention to the hands or distract the eye.

It fits well in professional settings, as this color creates the look of naturally clean and finished nails without looking overly done.

The hue complements every skin tone and looks great paired with almost any outfit.

#4: OPI Matte Nail Polish Special Edition Nail Laquer – ‘What Time Isn’t It’

For a fun and young look try something with a hint of texture.  Adding detail and introducing texture to your nails can be a long, painstaking task if you attempt to paint your own nail art.

A simpler solution would be the OPI Matte Nail Polish Special Edition Nail Laquer ‘What Time Isn’t It‘.  ‘What Time Isn’t It’ has a sleek matte, grey background color with strips of reflective silver in it.  This creates a multi-colored look while still maintaining a professional.

The grey and silver match nearly any outfit due to its neutrality.   It is extremely versatile and can be worn to a range of occasions from a night out with the girls or even to a job interview!

We can’t guarantee you’ll land the job, but we do promise you’ll always impress with the OPI Matte Nail Polish Special Edition ‘What Time Isn’t it‘ polish.

Note: This is an air dry polish and does not require curing under a UV light.

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#5: OPI Matte Nail Polish – ‘Lapis’

This air-dry nail polish is a chic, deep sapphire blue and looks great for day or night wear.  It has a shimmery gleam to it, but is also matte.  Although the color is bright, the matte effect prevents this color from looking obnoxiously flashy.

Painting with this polish is a great way to add some color to your look without overwhelming the rest of your outfit or calling too much attention to your hands.

The air-dry polish does not take long to dry, and can be finished using and OPI Matte Nail Polish or a regular shiny polish.

The OPI Matte Nail Polish Lapis is currently only available in air-dry nail polish, and should not be coupled with the OPI Matte Nail Polish Gel Top Coat.

More on OPI Matte Nail Polish

OPI also offers matte-finish polish in a creamy color, called Nail Envy, to reinforce damaged nails, which can be worn alone as its own color, or underneath another color.  This can also be paired with the OPI Matte Nail Polish Gel Top Coat or even shinier top coats.

Furthermore, it is effective in promoting nail health for stronger and longer natural nails.

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