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Why You Should Consider Switching to a Non Toxic Nail Polish Brand

Has your daughter ever helped herself to a manicure… using YOUR manicure supplies? Or has man’s best friend ever gotten into your beloved beauty products?

Well, even if you have mischievous young ones helping themselves to your beauty products or have curious, furry friends running through your home, you can take off the child locks and rest easy with non toxic nail polish brand materials on hand.


Non toxic beauty products are made without the harsh chemicals that can pose health threats to your children, your pets or even yourself! Fortunately for all of us nail polish fiends there are plenty of non toxic nail polish brands we can stock up on!

Take a look at the infographic below and keep reading for the reasons why you should consider switching to a non toxic nail polish brand.

non toxic nail polish brand

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Read on to find out more about your alternatives

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The Potential Dangers of Nail Polish

It seems obvious that improper use of nail polish, such as getting it in your eyes or mouth, can be unhealthy, but did you also realize that even using chemical-rich nail polish the right way can damage your nails and health? That’s right, your go-to color may actually be wearing away the coat of your natural nail, or even irritating your lungs and eyes!

Nail polish usually contains three infamously toxic chemicals:

This mixture is used so often in beauty products that scientists have even nicknamed the concoction the “toxic trio”. Each of these three ingredients is known to have harmful effects on your health, but some beauty brands still choose to use them.

No, limited exposure to nail polish won’t kill you—in fact, even a lifetime of manicures probably won’t kill you—but staying aware (and aloof) of the unnatural-sounding ingredients hidden in your nail polish could lead to stronger, longer, healthier nails and may circumvent any chemical-related accidents with children and pets.

So, do you want to know what’s swimming in that gorgeous red you’re wearing?

DBP (dibutyl pthalate)

The first part of the chemical chaos found in some popular nail polishes is called dibutyl pthalate, or DBP. Even though it is well known to cause damage when it is absorbed through the skin (hello, there is skin all around my nail!) with drastic cases resulting in mutated genetic sequences, it is still mixed into polishes due to its ability to make polish more resistant to chipping and spread the pigments thoroughly.

Nobody wants brittle, chipping nail polish or a lacquer with uneven color, but, do you really want this chemical near your skin? Many non toxic nail polish brands have mastered the art of creating even colors with great coverage without these health risks.


Traditional nail polishes also contain plenty of toluene, a solvent mostly found in paint thinners and adhesives. Prolonged exposure to this malignant material can damage your central nervous system—yep, you need that!—especially if it gets in the eyes or mouth, and if the fumes are inhaled.

It’s pretty much unavoidable to sit through a manicure without feeling some of the symptoms known to be caused by exposure to toluene. Do irritated eyes, dizziness, or onset of a headache sound familiar?


But it doesn’t end there: the third member of the so-called toxic trio, formaldehyde, is especially detrimental to your health. Time and again, studies have shown that formaldehyde is a human carcinogen, meaning it can directly cause development of cancer.

formaldehyde free nail polish brands

The Benefits of Switching to a Non Toxic Nail Polish Brand

So clearly, traditional nail polish could be dangerous to keep in homes with adventurous children and animals that may get into manicure supplies. But even if this isn’t one of your worries, switching to a non toxic nail polish brand may help your nails grow stronger, longer, and healthier.

Though there are many non toxic nail polish brands to choose from, gel options are harder to find. Even so, the entire stock of non toxic gel nail polish colors currently on sale is enough to make your decision a difficult one when choosing which color to paint with!

There’s at least a two hundred colors available and each non toxic nail polish brand mentioned below boasts that they are developing new colors all the time. Not only that, but the gel colors you can currently get are unique—some non toxic gel nail polish brands produce color changing nail polishes as well as interesting combinations of color, texture, and finish.

Non toxic gel nail polish can hold for up to two weeks—hey, that’s on par with the average chemical-rich gel manicure. Not to mention, non toxic gel nail polish does not chip, fade, or wear away and can easily be touched up, changed, or removed completely.

Switching from your toxic tints to a non toxic nail polish brand may be healthier for your nails and hands, and even safer for your lungs and eyes. The natural ingredients mixed into non toxic nail polish tend to moisturize and condition your nails with long-lasting effects.

The Best Non Toxic Nail Polish Brands

So, now that you’re educated on the ill effects chemical nail polish can have on your nails and health, and know of the potential benefits of non toxic nail polish, don’t you agree it’s high time we trade in our traditional nail polish colors in favor of a new, non toxic nail polish brand?

Luckily, the wild goose chase for non toxic nail polish brands is over–you can find your new, favorite non toxic nail polish brand below:

Bio Seaweed Gel

If you’re looking for a non toxic nail polish brand with a variety of colors to choose from, consider Bio Seaweed Gel. This company creates over 189 gel nail polish colors, each free of the toxic trio. Bio Seaweed Gel continues to create new colors all the time, including color-changing gel nail polish and unique textures and finishes.

First you have to choose your formula—Bio Seaweed Gel polish has both 3-step gel colors and all-in-one gel colors. When you’re in a rush, whip our the all-in-one gel colors, cause these bad boys can be applied on your toes without base or top coat.

Oh, and it is also ideal for strengthening and rehydrating brittle nails (I’m talking to you, acrylic addict!). The nourishing effects last even after the polish is removed, leaving you with naturally healthy nails.

Nearly any kind of gel nail lamp is compatible with this polish: it can be set with either a solar light, UV light, or LED light.

If you’re a fan of long nails—I know I am—the Bio Seaweed gel sculpting set may be what you’re looking for! You can get long, sleek nails using these simple tools—no need to sit through getting a set of acrylic nails.

Change your look every day if you’d like—putting on and taking off Bio Seaweed Gel nail polish doesn’t damage the surface of your nails. Plus, there is no need to sand or file down nails before application or scratch off paint during removal.

Did I mention, BSG polish holds the industry record for fastest soak-off time of any gel non toxic nail polish brand? 5 minutes and you’re ready to go!

non toxic nail polish brand

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DIY Hard Nails

Introducing DIY Hard Nails (pronounced die-hard nails), a non toxic nail polish brand with gel nail polish options! Their mixtures are all free from mercury, lead, formaldehydes, and any VOC’s (which are also way bad!).

This non toxic gel nail polish can set with either an LED or UV lamp (tip: using an LED lamp tends to be faster) making it convenient to shop for non toxic gel nail polish accessories.

This non toxic nail polish brand has over 40 unique colors, including safe gel base and top coats, as well as temperature sensitive color-changing polishes.

The signature color-changing polishes combine two complementary tones of vivid, high-gloss color, which change color based on the temperature. Your polish may go on as a sweet baby pink shade, but once you get cold your nails may fade into deep onyx black right before your eyes. ( You know, it’s reminiscent of those mood-rings we all grew up with!)

Whatever your choice of color, this non toxic gel nail polish lasts for up to two weeks without chipping. One of the highlights of this polish is that DIY Hard Nails applies smoothly and soaks off flawlessly. Your nails are sure to thank you for a manicure with this non toxic gel polish!

DIY Hard Nails Color Changing Nail Polish

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Gel Moment

The third recommended non toxic nail polish brand is Gel Moment, which produces gel nail polish free of all harsh chemicals, including DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde. More than that, this brand relies on natural ingredients that promote nail growth, so say goodbye to chemicals and hello to long and healthy nails!

Gel Moment may be the most efficient gel manicure around—you only need to apply a single coat of your color gel nail polish, set the polish for approximately 60 seconds using an LED light, and—voila!—you’re done! Who needs gel base or top coat with this long-lasting gel nail polish? (Answer: nobody)

Right now this company has more than 40 different shades of single coat gel nail polish, but aside from these this brand also offers nail and cuticle treatments (remember what I said about those other chemicals damaging this skin?) LED gel nail lamps, and various high-quality manicure tools.

non toxic nail polish brand

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