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Nail Polish Gifts – 20+ Gift Ideas for Nail Polish Lovers

nail polish giftsYou know that question, when someone asks you “So what do you want for…..your birthday/Christmas/Mothers Day” and all you can say is “nail polish gifts?” Like, you know there are a tonne of things that you want, but right at that very minute you just cant come up with anything. Well that’s why we are here to help, we have put together the ultimate gift guide for any nail polish lover or nail polish addict.

Nail Polish Gifts Under $20

Looking for something affordable but still thoughtful for that special someone? If they are a nail polish lover then we have you covered. All the items listed in this section are under $20.

Claire’s Nail Art Kit

If your beloved is just getting into nail art or is looking to get into it, then Claire's Nail Art Kit is the perfect gift. It’s perfect for beginners, and if they decide that nail art isn’t for them – then you haven’t lost too much money!

The kit comes with 30 striping tapes, 12 types of rhinestones and a dotting pen and brush set.

Kiss imPress Press On Nails

Press on nails do not have to look tacky and cheap, in fact they can look damn good if you choose the right brand and the Kiss imPress range of press on nails are awesome. These fake nails are long lasting easy to apply and are especially good for anyone who does not want to bother with the complications of gel nail polish.

I highly recommend this gift for a teenage girl if they are just getting into nail polish, you won’t regret it!

Bliss Kiss Pure Cuticle & Nail Oil Pen

Looking after ones nails is very important to someone who loves nail polish. Healthy nails means not only will your nail polish last longer, but you your nail polish application and removal will be pain free!

This Bliss Kiss Pure Cuticle Oil repairs peeling and brittle nails, as well as eliminating hangnails and decreases skin wrinkling. It contains all natural ingredients and is totally non-toxic. It also contains anti-fungal, antimicrobial and antibacterial elements.

This convenient brush pen applicator can be easily stored in a purse or handbag for when it is really needed!

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Elite99 Gel Polish Gift Box

Packaged in a nice looking gift box, this set of Elite99 gel polishes is perfect for someone who is looking to add a few more colors to their collection.

Elite99 gel polishes are a healthier, more environmentally friendly option to some other polishes. They contain no poisonous chemicals at all.

The Elite99 gift box includes 4 x gel colors, 1 x top coat and 1 x base coat.

HipGirl Nail Art Stamp Collection Set

Have you ever wondered how some of those intricate nail art designs are done? Well chances are a lot of them have been stamped on – not painted! It is also quite easy to do with the right tools, and this kit has the tools your loved one will need to get started with nail stamping.

The [link=”B00KC4AHMK” title=”HipGirl nail art stamp collection set”/] comes with 24 different stamping plates, which in total have over 200 different images to stamp onto nails. Each plate is made of high grade stainless steel, and the kit also includes bonus stamper and scraper tools – so there is nothing else required to get stamping straight away.

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Bona Fide Beauty Crystal Nail Files – 3 Piece Set

You know when you see someone whip out their nail files and start filing away that they are probably a nail polish addict. If you have noticed this of your intended gift target then the Bona Fide Crystal Nail Files may be the present to impress them.

Made in the Czech Republic from fine quality float glass, these nail files are sure to impress. The set includes 3 different types of nail files, two of witch have protective hard cases.

These files are a great choice for anyone who doesn’t want to use the cheaper types currently available and wants to file their nails in style!

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BMC Color Changing Gel Nail Polish Master Set – Beneath It All Collection

BMC color changing nail polishes are pretty damn good (they made our best color changing nail polish list!), and the color changing effect is certainly an eye catcher!

This color set is amazing, it’s like looking up at the night sky full of stars – only they are on your nails….and they change color! Perfect for anyone who loves to catch peoples attention.

This set comes with 3 different BMC color changing polishes: Lady Incognito, Galaxy Traveler and Revived Beauty.

Camille Beckman Glycerin Hand Therapy Cream

This luxurious hand cream moisturizes and nourishes your hands to ensure they are always soft and healthy. Containing glycerin, vitamin E, aloe vera and almond oil – this cream is all natural.

I love it how Camille Beckmen Hand Therapy Cream provides a protective barrier against harsh conditions and day to day activities which may dry out the hands.

Camille Beckmen makes high quality skin care products, and they are made in the good old USA.

Nail Polish Gifts $20 – $50

So maybe you can spend a little more on someone and are looking for something special. This list of gifts for under $50 will keep any nail polish lover happy! Our list of nail polish gifts continues!

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Sensationail Gel Polish Starter Kit

This kit made our best gel nail kits list, and with good reason – the value is absolutely insane! Give the Sensationail Gel Polish starter kit to someone and they will think you spent upwards of $50.

For just over $20, you get an LED nail lamp, gel cleanser, gel primer, color gel polish, top coat, lint-free wipes, a double sided nail buffer and a manicure stick. Wow!

This is the perfect gift for anyone looking to get into gel nails, it includes everything you need to get started and the products are actually pretty good quality too. Don’t miss this deal.

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MelodySusie 12W LED Nail Lamp

If your loved one already has the basics to do gel nails at home but needs a new nail lamp, then the MelodySusie Violeta 12W Nail Lamp could be a great gift.

If you don’t know what a nail lamp is, basically it hardens a special type of nail polish called gel polish. Gel nail polish is much more durable than air dried polishes and it looks great.

It made our recent ‘best nail lamp‘ list and with good reason. It’s cost effective, but it has great features and gets the job done. It is also compatible with most LED gel nail polishes, but it is probably best to double check if their fav gel polish is compatible.

NYK1 Crystal Glass Nail File With Silver Case

For some nail polish addicts, looking good while doing your nails is almost as important as how good your nails look they are done. With the NYK1 crystal glass nail file they can look as good as it s possible to look while filing their nails!

Forget filing with those ugly tattered old emery board files, now they can be done with crystal glass, and even a bit of bling on the handle.

The file comes in a sexy looking silver case to protect it when it is not in use. This is the perfect gift for the nail polish lover who has everything

Nail Art Stamping Kit 100 Manicure Plate Set

We had another nail art stamping kit in the under $20 section, this kitis similar, but many more plates and many more stamp designs are included. There are 100 stamping plates included in the set, each with 6 – 10 designs. So that means at a minimum you get 600 different stamping designs.

This is a professional grade set, each plate is made out of stainless steel, and the set includes a stamper and scraper, so you are ready to go straight out of the box.

If you know someone who is looking to expand their nail art supplies, or even start doing nail art – this is for them!

Shany Nail Accessories Organizer and Makeup Train Case

Every nail polish addict gets to a point where stuffing all your polishes into a draw just doesn’t work anymore, and taking your polishes to a friends house? Forget it! Well, that’s where the Shany Nail Accessories Train case comes in. Designed to store nail polishes AND make up, this case makes it easy to store, and move around a significant nail polish and makeup collection.

The case’s exterior is made of matte faux leather, and the interior is lined with a water and stain resistant linen.

Available in 8 different colors (Yes, 8!), it is sure to suit almost anyone.

Gelish Mini 5 Bottle Gel Soak Off Nail Polish Collection

Sometimes it is nice to give something a bit fancy, and you can do just that by giving someone the Gelish Mini 5 Bottle Collection. Being a well known salon brand, the Gelish name alone is sure to get you some brownie points.

The set comes with 5 colors: Petal for Your Thoughts (poppy red), Parachute (military gray), Ballerina (clear with cream hint), Reserve (shimmery camel suede) and Need a Tan (beige cream).

Keep in mind that these are gel polishes, so they need to be cured with an appropriate nail lamp.

Nail Polish Gifts $50 – $100

I think this is the perfect price range for mothers day gifts, or sometimes you want to spend a bit more to make someone in your life feel special, but you still need to make sure you don’t break the bank. We have put together a list of gifts that will cost you between $50-100 to help you find the perfect one.

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ORLY Portable Smart LED Nail Lamp

Some women are always on the go and never stop long enough at home to do their nails. Well that’s fine, because the ORLY LED Smart Lamp has them covered.

This led nail lamp is awesome, it is about the size of a cell phone and is battery powered to boot. It expands to be big enough to cure 4 fingers at once and contains a lithium ion battery that is recharged via a USB cord.

If your loved one keeps this in their hand bag, they will never be able to say they don’t have time to do their nails again!

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GERmanikure 4 Piece Stainless Steel Manicure Set

Sure, a manicure set isn’t the first thing you think of when you look for a gift for someone. But it is something that everyone needs at some point, and there is nothing worse than getting out your manicure set to trim that broken nail and finding that your clippers are blunt.

Well you wont have that problem with the GERmanikure 4 piece set. It’s made in Germany, and is hand crafted from high carbon stainless steel, which means it is super strong and it maintains cutting edges for a long, long time.

The kit comes in a dark taupe tuck case that looks super classy, it is a gift that will get plenty of use and last a lifetime.

LeChat Set of 6 Mood Changing Gel Polish Colors Spring 2016 Collection

LeChat color changing gel nail polishes are top of the range, and that is with good reason. They are clearly one of the best color changing nail polishes around.

The LeChat polishes are super easy to apply, and the color change quality is superb. On top of that, they are long wearing – you can expect upwards of 3 weeks out of these polishes. The LeChat range of color changing nail polishes would fit in perfectly to anyone’s nail polish collection.

The Spring 2016 collection comes with: Saphire Night, Timeless Ruby, Sundance, Atlantis, Ultraviolet and Rose Quartz.

Nail Polish Gifts $100 – $150

So generally spending this much on someone is reserved for the really special loved ones and friends in your life. We have scoured the internet and come up with some ideas for nail polish gifts between $100 and $150 to help make your life easier.

MelodySusie Pro60W LED/UV Nail Lamp

French manicures can be hard to get just right, getting that perfect french curve on every nail can be a pain. The ANC Professional Nail Dip Kit makes it much easier.

Using this system is a little different to your standard nail polish – you paint your nails with preparation liquid, apply a base coat and then dip your nails into a powder. It creates very even results and they look very professional. You can learn more ANC Nail Polish in our post here.

This is a great gift idea for a nail polish addict who wants something a bit different. Alternatively you could look at SNS nails, learn more about them here.

No products found.

Christian Louboutin 'Hawaii Kawai' Nail Color Collection

The Christian Louboutin range of nail polishes just scream elegance – From the super stylish bottles to the exquisite gift box this kit comes in. This {amazon link=”B01GJ5VDXW” title=”‘Hawaii Kawai’ Nail Color Collection”/] is inspired by the spirit of 1950’s Hawaii.

These are standard nail polishes (air dry), but their durability is almost as good as gel nail polish. The cap brush is designed to be perfectly weighted to ensure long even strokes of the nail polish brush are easy to achieve.

Nothing will say “I love you” more than a Christian Louboutin nail polish collection!

Nail Polish Gifts Over $150

So gifts of this type are generally for your closest love ones. Whether it be your best friend, a parent or your girlfriend/wife, we have something on this list that can make them smile.

Gelish Pro Gel Nail Kit

When it comes to gel nail starter kits, this one is the bee’s knees. It has everything you need to get started and it is a salon brand. Filled with high quality products, this kit would be at home in any salon – let alone your loved ones home!

The Gelish Pro Kit comes with everything you need to get started with gel nails, so its perfect for someone who hasn’t ventured into doing their own before.

It includes: an LED nail light, 2 gel colors, 1 gel base coat, 1 gel top coat, 1 nourish, 1 bond aid, Gelish artificial nail remover, Gelish cleanser and a cuticle stick.

This kit is many nail polish gifts in one!

Gelish 18G LED Nail Lamp

There is a reason we keep listing Gelish products in this list, and it is because they are high quality, and they just work. The Gelish 18G LED Nail lamp is no exception, in fact this is one of the best nail lamps you can buy.

A feature packed gift idea is an understatement for this lamp. It is easily fits all 5 fingers, the base removes to allow for pedicures and easy cleaning, it has a plastic shield to reduce UV exposure and its super fast!

Unless the nail polish addict you are buying a gift for already has one, you can almost guarantee this would be a significant upgrade to their existing nail lamp.

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