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Nail The Nail – Monthly Gel Nail Polish Subscription Box Review

Subscription boxes are all the rage at the moment and with good reason, I’m guilty of subscribing to a few choice ones myself! Who doesn’t like having a surprise mix of some of your favorite products arrive at your doorstep monthly?

So I was super excited when contacted by Nail The Nail to review their monthly gel nail subscription box. But is it worth it? Well let’s take a look at what I received and how it turned out.

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Nail The Nail Monthly Gel Nail Subscription Box Review

Because our kit was the first month that we had received it includes everything needed to get started doing your own gel nail polish quickly.

gel nail subscription box reviewIncluded in the package was:

  • 1 x USB powered 9W LED nail lamp (comes with USB lead)
  • 1 x 8ml/0.27fl oz top coat
  • 1 x 8ml/0.27fl oz base coat
  • 2 x 5ml gel nail polish colors (we received #525 and #523)
  • 3 x brushes or various sizes
  • 1 x disposable nail file
  • 1 x disposable nail buffer
  • 1 x cuticle stick
  • Numerous gel removal wraps

So you receive quite a bit of useful stuff with this kit, lets take a look at the more important items in a little more detail.

9W USB Powered LED Lamp

nail the nail led lampThe LED Nail Lamp included in this kit looks like a bit of a toy when you first see it, but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised. While it is only 9W and contains only 3 LED’s, the coverage it provides your nails is quite good and it performs well – curing the gel polish perfectly each time.

We used a standard iPhone charger to power it, and it worked fine. It should be noted that it comes with a quite short USB lead so you will likely need an power extension lead of some sort unless you are sitting right next to a power outlet.

The nail lamp has a built in 60 second timer (which I didnt expect) which cured the polish perfectly.

The lamp is big enough to cure 4 fingers at a time, and your thumbs will need to be done separately.

While the lamp feels quite sturdy and durable, the Nail the Nail website mentions that if you break your lamp at any point  during your subscription, they will replace it free of charge!

Gel Colors and Top/Base Coats

nail the nail gel polish

To be honest there is not much to say about the base and top coats. They do as they are meant to do and do it will.

The colors that we received were color numbers #525 (dark pink) and #523 (light pink) and it was a nice change to have the colors of the label accurately reflect the colors that are actually inside. Fir this review we used #523 only.

I do need to mention though that the seal that needs to be removed before you can actually access the polish was a right pain to remove. I had to resort to  sharp knife – so be careful!

The polish goes on smoothly and cures nicely – we ended up doing 3 coats of . It should be noted that your first coat will look quite patchy, but don’t be dismayed – the second coat clears this right up and the 3rd coat puts the final touches on. I was expecting a cheaper looking finish, but am happy to report that this polish can go against the best of them!


nail polish brushes

The accessories that come with the subscription box are all the other items you need to complete your gel nail polish. The buffer worked well, as did the file. The brushes looked a little ratty but once dipped in the polish they came up just fine.

The Final Word

nail the nail gel nail polish

The finished nails looked pretty good if you ask me! I was impressed with the smoothness of the finish and the color was just what I wanted.

I feel that at $24 a month, the value of this gel nail subscription box is quite good. Even more so when you take a look at what the upcoming months boxes include (cuticle oil, electric nail file!?).

It is certainly worth trying it out for a month to see what you think – if you don’t feel like it is for you then you can cancel any time and come out of it with everything you need to do your own gel nails!

One important thing to note is that at this point, this service is only available to people located in the USA.

Nail the Nail gel nail subscription box is available from

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nail the nail


Nail The Nail Gel Nail Subscription Box Review

Our Score

Worth every cent

A great little box that includes everything you need to get started with gel nails. Future boxes look promising too.

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