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MelodySusie Pro48W LED/UV Nail Lamp Review

MelodySusie Pro48WStruggling with an important decision? As in: Should you get a UV-curing or LED-curing gel nail lamp? Your dilemma is solved with the MelodySusie Pro48W Nail Lamp! You can cure both UV-set and LED-set gel nail polishes with this gel nail lamp. The MelodySusie Pro48W Nail Lamp combines aesthetics with practicality, so you can have the salon experience in the comfort of your home.

If you’re in the market for a new gel nail lamp, you’ll want to consider the MelodySusie Pro48W Nail Lamp. Its compatibility with both primary types of gel nail polish opens up many possibilities. You can now use both types of polish, giving you access to more colors than if you were to commit to only UV-cured or LED-cured gel nail polish.

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MelodySusie Pro48W LED Nail Lamp
  • Professional Quality LED Nail Lamp
  • 3 timer settings – 152, 30s & 60s
  • Detachable bottom plate
  • Hybrid LED/UV LED’s so it can cure more polishes

The Benefits:

Why choose the MelodySusie Pro48W Nail Lamp? Well, aside from the obvious benefit of its versatility, this lamp trumps other models due to its practical design. This gel nail lamp has a removable bottom piece, perfect for drying gelled toe nails! Detaching the bottom of the MelodySusie Pro48W Nail Lamp provides you with extra space and also makes this gel nail lamp easy to clean.

The three different curing settings (15 seconds, 30 seconds, or 60 seconds) allows you to dry your gel nails efficiently without overheating. This means you don’t need to worry about burned fingers or discolored gel nail polish. Also, with three settings you can be sure that there is a gel nail polish compatible with your light’s curing method.

Because you can use both UV-cured and LED-cured nail polish, there are more colors available to you. When shopping for gel nail polish, you can purchase just about any brand and color you would like! You’ll enjoy giving yourself a manicure in your favorite color without worrying about the type of gel nail polish you have selected.

This gel nail polish lamp is salon-quality, and can be used professionally, but it’s also ideal for at home do-it-yourself manicures and pedicures too!

MelodySusie Pro48W

The Drawbacks:

Of course, no gel nail lamp is perfect. The MelodySusie Pro48W Nail Lamp has its drawbacks too. The main issue you may face with the MelodySusie Pro48W Nail Lamp is that there is no curing setting higher than 60 seconds. Many UV-cured and LED-cured gel nail polishes require around 90 seconds of drying time. However, if you need 90 seconds to harden your gel nails, you can always cure for 30 seconds followed by 60 seconds.

The Verdict

How Well Does it Work?

The MelodySusie Pro48W Nail Lamp is perfect for anyone seeking simplicity, practicality, and versatility in a gel nail lamp. This gel nail lamp is one of our favorites because it can harden UV-cured and LED-cured gel nail polish alike!

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User Rating: 3.9 ( 1 votes)

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