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Choosing The Best Manicure Table – Buying Guide

best manicure tableFor any nail technician, a manicure table is probably the most important item to buy (other than your kit, of course). Knowing which one to choose for your needs can be hard. The research has been done, and there are different manicure tables for different needs.

Even those of you that do your nails at home for a hobby, or maybe your clients come to you, you will want to have a decent manicure table. This is the ultimate buying guide for manicure tables.

Manicure Table Selection Criteria


Obviously, this will be different for each individual, are you buying for your nail salon or a mobile nail business? There are tables that are in the premium price range for established nail salons, and at the other end of the scale there are very affordable portable tables


Even though a table is just a table and they all serve the same purpose, we think style is important. It makes your business look good and having something that makes your customers feel that little bit fancy, will give you credibility too. Plus, who wouldn’t want a snazzy table?


Again depending on what you need it for, you will need to think of what size you’d like. It would be pointless buying a massive heavy table if you’re a mobile nail technician, and vice versa.


Is it just going to serve its purpose as a table or would you like it to have other features like a downdraft nail vent or a light? Manicure tables can come with all sorts of extra features, some you may not have even thought about!

What Features Are On The Best Manicure Tables?

Manicure tables can have many different features varying from handrest cushions to an added lamp. To name a few:

  • Drawers to hold all of your bits and pieces
  • Wheels on the table for easy movement
  • Lamps
  • Downdraft nail vent
  • Handrest cushions (for both client and nail technician)
  • Easily cleanable surfaces to keep the table looking in great condition

You’ve now got three sections, salon use, portable use and home use. We’ve picked our favorites for each one and have given you a review with the hope that we can help you decide what to go for!

Best Manicure Table For Salon Use

If you’re looking to buy a table (or maybe even a few) for your salon and really aren’t sure what to go for then look no further.

When it comes to a manicure table for salon use, you will want to go for a larger sized table to ensure the comfort of your clients. Added features like hand cushions and a downdraft nail vent can also enhance your customers experience. You will likely need drawers to hold all of your essentials and of course, you will want a table that’s looks professional and classy.

manicure table

We love LCL’s Black Steel Frame Manicure Table because not only does it look amazing and professional, but it comes with many of the features that we’ve talked about including:

  • An electric downdraft nail vent to carry away any harmful fumes and dust from client and technician
  • A padded hand cushion for the client’s comfort
  • Lockable side cabinets with 5 pull out, easy to clean plastic drawers on each side
  • Stain resistant surface is very useful for those times where your gel or acrylic leaks and you need an easy cleanup
  • Comes with a free black LED lamp
  • Made from acetone proof laminate, for easy cleaning and less risk of your table being damaged due to being exposed to acetone and other chemicals

Now this table is a little more expensive than some others, but when choosing furniture for your business it is important to go for quality over price. Keep in mind that your manicure tables are where your clients spend all their time, so don;t cut costs here.

LCL Manicure Table Pros

  • Comes with an electric downdraft vent
  • Lots of storage
  • Free lamp
  • Hand cushion
  • Easy clean material on both surface and in drawers

LCL Manicure Table Cons

  • Can be difficult to assemble
  • A high price but should be expected for great quality

Where to Buy: LCL’s manicure table is available on Amazon or via their website.

Best Portable Manicure Table

If you’re a mobile nail technician, you’re going to want to look for a table that is easy to fold away, not too heavy to carry but yet strong and sturdy enough to do your job properly. You’ll still need some storage space, although the possibility of having your kit in a box might be something you want to consider.

Giantex's Portable Manicure Nail Table would be perfect to carry around as the total shipping weight is only 20lbs!

portable manicure table

It doesn’t come with much storage, just a drawer to keep your most essential bits in. Don’t let that put you off though, this table comes with its very own storage bag so that it’s easy for you to move from client to client. The wheels are lockable too, so you’re not sliding around whilst doing your client’s nails.

Not only is it super portable, but it looks amazing too, with a marble look black and silver flowery finish. It’s made out of high-density wood board, with a metal frame that it easily folded. The table is also really easy to clean so it will stay looking it’s best for longer.

This table comes in quite cost effective too, so you will soon reap the benefits of being a mobile nail technician, without spending loads of all of your equipment.

portable manicure table

Giantex’s Portable Manicure Nail Table Pros

  • Totally portable
  • Lightweight for easy movement
  • Stylish
  • Great price
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a hand cushion for the client.

Giantex’s Portable Manicure Nail Table Cons

  • No downdraft nail vent
  • No light

Where to Buy: Giantex’s Portable Manicure Nail Table is available on Amazon.

Best Manicure Table for Home

So maybe you’re not a qualified nail technician, and you love doing nails as a hobby, whether that be your own nails or your friends. Or maybe you are a home based nail technician and have all of your clients come to your house. This is still the perfect table for you.

You’re going to want to look for the same sort of features as the portable tables (unless you’re lucky enough to have a huge house where you can dedicate a whole room to doing nails) because you’re going to want to be able to move it easily so that it’s in the way when not in use. I would personally go for something a little big bigger than a portable one because then you’re more likely to get yourself a desk with storage so that all of your equipment is kept together.

best manicure table

Barberpub's Purple Manicure Nail Table Spa Station Desk is perfect for those needs. It’s not too big, and can easily be moved, but it’s also not all completely on wheels so you can look really professional when your clients come over.

It comes with three handy storage drawers, so you can keep all of your bits together and tidied away nicely when the table is not in use. Underneath the drawers are some lockable wheels, and it comes with a metal pole with no wheel, that’s what gives it the more permanent look.

It’s made of high-density fibreboard and edged with 2mm PVC edging, which makes the table durable and easy to clean. It’s resistant to acetone so no need to be worried about damaging the surface of it.

Although in the picture it looks like a white manicure table, it does actually state in the item description that it is, in fact, a purple table. Reviews have said that it’s a lavender color, which we think is a really nice touch!

Barberpub’s Manicure Table Pros

  • Easy to clean
  • Looks good
  • Gives a more professional look to home based technicians
  • Storage
  • Comes with hand cushion

Barberpub’s Manicure Table Cons

  • High price
  • No lamp
  • No downdraft vent

Where to Buy: Barberpub’s manicure table is available on Amazon

The Final Word

So there we have it! Your buying guide for manicure tables! Remember when buying a table to think about what you need it for. Of course, there are many out on the market, but we wanted to give you an idea of what you should look for depending on where you want it for! We hope our list has helped!



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