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Make Your Eyes Shine with These Two Salon Treatments

eyebrow tinting and microbladingSometimes less is more. Take it from me, I found out the hard way. Just a dab of peach here, a pat of brown there, mascara and eyeliner basically everywhere, and voila! Except, not quite. One glance at my reflection in the mirror and it was immediately clear that I would need to start applying makeup all over again. Despite all the hard work I put into decorating my eyelid, I still could not make my eyes stand out from the rest of my features or, you know, ‘pop’. Turns out, if you’re trying to play up your eyes, you should really focus on framing them beautifully.

Your eyes are framed first by eyelashes and second by eyebrows. So, if you want to draw attention to your naturally beautiful eyes, you’ll want to start there. But, what should you actually do?


The thing is, eyebrows are notoriously tricky to maintain—they need to be shaped, trimmed, and filled regularly. So, how do I manage to keep my eyebrows forever on point despite my busy schedule? I don’t, not any more. Instead, I took the short-cut: microblading. Microblading is a semi-permanent method of filling and toning your eyebrows. In this process, a beauty technician uses a special microblading pen to tattoo the skin around and throughout the eyebrows, with tiny, thin strokes tattooing each individual hair. This intricate process takes around two hours, but once your eyebrows are finished you won’t have to worry about them for up to three years! Yes, your tattoo will look great immediately, flawless after healing, and won’t fade for years to come.

eyebrow microblading
Microblading before and after

The best microblading eyebrows technicians work closely with their clients to create stunning results. These beauty specialists can guide you in selecting the most flattering shade and shape for your eyebrows. It is important to communicate clearly with your technician, otherwise you may be stuck with eyebrows you don’t like—for years. But, remember, beauty technicians have been trained professionally and may know best how to use microblading to flatter your face.

Microblading does not require much upkeep. Although healing time varies from person to person, most eyebrows heal within the first two weeks. After about one month, it may be necessary to get a touch up on your eyebrows, but this takes far less time than the initial appointment. After this touch up, the only thing to pay attention to is plucking stray eyebrows. This is way easy with microbladed eyebrows because you can clearly see the shape of your tattoo and pluck around it.


Now that your brows are semi-permanently on point, it’s time to shift focus to the eyelashes. If, like me, you’ve been painting on half a bottle of mascara a day in an effort to make your lashes look longer, thicker, or darker, just stop. In reality, adding all this product to your delicate eyelashes clutters your eyes, making them appear smaller, unnatural, and even less feminine! So, throw out the mascara—it’s time to hit the salon instead.

eyelash extensions
Eyelash Extensions

Many beauty salons offer eyelash extensions, which can make your lashes appear longer, fuller, and darker while still looking light and fluffy! Eyelash extensions can be applied to look extremely natural, but you can also build up the drama by adding even more length. These extensions are semi-permanent, lasting approximately 4 weeks, meaning you can experiment around to find your favorite look. After 4 weeks, you need to get a touch-up. Like the microblading touch-up, this process does not take as long as the original treatment. Not to mention, this is also offered at a reduced price.

But, how do eyelash extensions actually work? Tiny silk fibers or mink hairs are glued to the individual hairs of your natural eyelashes. These materials are used due to their beautiful finish and ability to hold a curl. If you have naturally dense eyelashes, you may only need one extension per lash, but if you’re trying to build a fuller lash line, your technician may apply multiple extensions to a single lash.

Eyelash extensions are extremely versatile, meaning that a number of looks can be created using slightly different extension placements or using different materials. You can have long, wispy, glossy eyelashes or even short, dense, matte ones, depending on your personal taste. It may be wise to try on regular fake eyelashes in different styles to get an idea of what style you would like. Once again, it is important to communicate clearly with your beauty technician, and their suggestions are usually worth taking!

Getting your eyebrows microbladed or your eyelashes extended can really make your eyes pop by creating a perfect frame. These little details make all the difference—after your treatment, your eyes will absolutely shine!

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