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Introducing Samantha Bewley – Nail Artist

Hello my name is Samantha Bewley.

I am writing this to present to you, the readers, my nail designs, but first I’d like to give you something which I rarely do a piece of me.

I grew up in Bletchley MiltonKeynes, England, with 3 sisters and 1 brother. I was always very creative and loved my nails, I tried to go to college for hairdressing and beauty at 16, but we couldn’t afford the kit so I was awaiting financial aid support.

During the first lesson a very large scary middle aged woman demanded that we should all have our kits no excuses. So me being me, got scared and refused to go back.

I spent the next 19 years working in office jobs and continuing my passion in secret too scared of rejection to try.

Fast forward to the present day and I have studied some beauty subjects part time, and have been perfecting my nail art designs even my college tutor would like me to show the other students how I do my nail art. Please see below for some pictures, a video tutorial and links to my social media.

You can find my personal blog here.

Samantha Bewley Nail Art Gallery

Nail Art Tutorial Video

Where to Find Samantha

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SBNails Blog

SB Nails Blog


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About Samantha Bewley

Samantha is a nail Artist from England

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