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Gelish Nail Polish – The Complete Review and Guide

gelish nail polishWhen it comes to choosing a gel nail polish brand to use it can be very overwhelming. Lucky for us, there are some brands that stand out above the rest, and Gelish Nail Polish is one of those brands.

Utilizing gel technology, Gelish nail polish is a top quality, long wearing gel nail polish that is worth every cent you pay for it. It also recently featured in our list of the best gel nail polish brands.

If applied correctly, You can expect Gelish Nail Polish to last 2 – 3 weeks and even longer if you If applied correctly.

Because Gelish uses gel technology, you will need a few items to get started:

  • Gelish Base Coat
  • Color Polish
  • Top Coat
  • Nail Lamp

Now this may seem like a lot of stuff that you need just to do your nails, but when you consider how much money you spend going to the salon to get your mani done each time you will realize that this is an investment that will actually save you money! You can also save yourself even more time and buy an all in one gel nail kit  (see our guide here)which has everything you need to get started with gel nails.

Because Gelish nail polish is such a thick polish, it requires less coats to get a nice even color. This means that your nails will feel natural and light. Unfortunately this also means that it is a bit harder to apply.

The worst thing about using Gelish – is that the choosing a color is so damn hard! With 222 (yes thats right – two hundred and twenty two) different colors available, you may need a few hours to pick the ones you like 😉

Gelish Nail Polish Cons

Now there are a few things to be aware of which Gelish nail polish:

  • The swatches shown online and on the bottles are not very accurate. Be sure to check photos of the color on actual nails online before you commit to buy.
  • The polish can be quite thick, which makes it a little harder to apply than thinner brands.

Recommended Nail Lamp

Gelish nail polish works with most LED nail lamps, but you are best to choose a Gelish branded unit for best results.

If you want the best, choose the Gelish 18G Professional LED Light or if you are after something a bit cheaper, then go for the Gelish Pro 45 LED Nail Lamp

Gelish Instructions

If you are new to doing your own gel nails at home then you may wish to invest in a Gelish nail polish kit. You can also learn how to do your own gel nails at home

How Does Gelish Compare?

Gelish fares very well when compared to other brands of nail polish, and is one of the longest lasting nail polishes available.

We recently reviewed Gelish when compared to shellac. You can view the gelish vs shellac guide here.

Buy Gelish Nail Polish

Gelish nail polish is available readily online from stores such Amazon or eBay.

There are many different collections and colors available, below are some of our favorites.

The Verdict

Wear Time
Ease of Use

A long lasting, top quality gel nail polish.

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