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Gel Polish Remover Wrap Cleaner Clip Caps Review

Now we’ve all heard of different gimmicky ways to remove Gel Polish easily and without hassle. Unfortunately, most of these ways are just that – gimmicks, so generally we stick to the age old tried and true method of using Acetone to remove gel nails. But, there are a few things we can do to make the process of removing gel polish easier – and using clip caps is one of them.

Gel Polish Remover Wrap Cleaner Clip Caps Product Review

So what are these clip caps? Basically they assist with the gel nail removal process, you take a cotton pad and cut it into fingernail sized pieces, and saturate it with acetone, and then clamp it onto each finger with one of these clip caps. They also allow your fingers to breath a bit better and keep the Acetone where it should be, on your nails and not on your skin. There is no need to use foil when you are using these clip caps.

These clip caps are made of plastic, and are not damaged by the nail removal solution. They can however be a little flimsy and some people find the springs to be a bit weak at times.



The Cost

So how much do these little beauties cost? 10 of them will cost you no more than $12.00 – and they are re-usable!

The Positives

  • Cost effective – at under $12 for 10 pieces, you cant go wrong!
  • Save money by not using foil
  • The skin on your hand will be healthier due to the acetone not being held against your skin
  • Available in different sizes to suit all hands

The Negatives

  • The spring can be a bit weak on some sizes
  • They can break easily sometimes, but the price is right to replace them

The Verdict

Does It Work?

A wonderful tool that anyone who regularly removes their gel nail polish should own.

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