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Applying a Gel Manicure on Natural Nails – What You Need To Know

If you are in the process of researching gel polish, then you have probably read that gel nail polish damages your natural nails. This is most certainly not the case IF you follow the correct procedures for applying and removing a gel manicure on natural nails. 

The reason why some people will tell you that a gel manicure will damage your nails, is because they are doing it wrong themselves! It is certainly true that applying gel nails incorrectly can damage your nails, but more so if you remove them incorrectly. If you peel your nails, STOP! If you file your gel polish off, STOP! It is vitally important that you remove your nails by following the correct procedure.

By just following a few of our simple tips and tricks for applying and removing a gel manicure on natural nails, your nails will stay healthy and you can show them off with pride!

Doing a Gel Manicure on Natural Nails – Tips and Tricks

Tip 1 – Follow The Correct Procedure

I cannot stress this enough, you simply must follow the correct procedure for applying a gel manicure on natural nails. We recommend following our guide on doing your own gel nails at home here.

Failing to follow the correct procedure leads to many problems such as damaged nail beds, reduced length of time your manicure will last and a less than perfect finish to your gel manicure!

Tip 2 – Make Sure Your Nails Are Prepared Correctly

gel manicure on natural nailsThis is mentioned in our guide, but its worth mentioning under it’s own heading. Preparing your natural nails for a gel manicure is very important.

Firstly, your nails should be healthy and strong, if they aren’t then look into how you can strengthen them naturally.

Follow these steps to insure your gel manicure on natural nails comes our perfectly:

  • Was your hands, focusing on the nails thoroughly. Let the nails dry properly, if any moisture is left on the nails then the gel polish will not stick correctly. If you dont have time to let them dry properly, you are better off not washing them at all.
  • Trim or file your nails till they are your desired length
  • Shape your nails if required using a 180 grit nail file
  • Use a cuticle pusher to gently push the cuticles back. You will also want to push back any dead or dry skin on the surface of your nails
  • Use a nail buffer to take the shine of your nails. Do this gently, you don’t want to remove too much of your nail surface.
  • Remove any left over dust or impurities with an alcohol soaked wipe.

Failing to prepare your nails properly will result in the polish not bonding to the natural nail properly and chips, cracks and lifting will occur earlier than expected.

Tip 3 – Ensure Your Natural Nails Are Healthy

gel manicure on natural nailsWhen doing your gel manicure on natural nails, it is important that your nails are nice and healthy.

If your natural nails are weak and flex easily, then the gel polish you apply will also flex easy and crack and chip away.

Strengthening your natural nails doesn’t happen over night, but can be done. We recommend strengthening your nails naturally by taking gelatin.

More Info

So there you have it, a few tips to help you doing a gel manicure on natural nails. If you want to know how to get 4 weeks plus of wear out of your gel polish, take a look at our post on how long do gel nails last here.

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  1. Most of the time we hear how acrylic nails destroy nails, but for gels they usually say that it’s harmless method. I would agree but not entirely. Gel nails CAN use your nails while removing them. It’s very important to be patient while sanding off gel nails because you can harm your natural nail bed.

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