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EZ Dip Nails Review and Product Guide

ez dip nails

We’ve all heard of powder dip nails, they have been around for many years and are quickly making a comeback. And if you are on the hunt for the best powder dip system, then you should check out EZ Dip Nails.

EZ Dip Nails are a type of powder dip nails manufactured by Peak Beauty Inc that offers a range of benefits not found in your traditional gel nail polish.

Now yes, you are right – Dip powder nails have been around for quite some time. But they have had quite some time away from the spot light due to the rise of gel nail polish. Manicure lovers are now re-discovering the joys of systems like EZ Dip Nails and are flocking to salons everywhere to give it a go.

But did you know you can do your own EZ Dip Gel Powder Nails at home? And doing so will save you time, and not to mention, some serious money!

Let’s jump straight into our EZ Dip Nails review and take a look how you can use this amazing powder nail system at home.

ez dip nails reviews

Get Started With EZ Dip Nail Polish

If you are just looking for the quickest and easiest way to get started with EZ Dip Nails, then this starter kit includes everything you need to get up and going asap!

What are EZ Dip Nails?

Before we go any further into EZ Dip Nails, let’s make sure that you know exactly what they  are.

EZ Dip nails are a “dip-powder” manicure system made up of an acrylic base, however they are a little different to your traditional gel nail polish manicure and completely different from standard nail polish.

We will go into the process of applying EZ dip nails a little later in the article, but a dip powder manicure basically involves:

  1. Applying a base coat
  2. Dipping the nail into a powder
  3. Applying a top sealing coat

Take note that in this process there is no need for any uv nail lamps to cure the polish!

The outcome is a durable, silky smooth and glossy finish that looks like you have just walked out of a beauty salon.


Benefits of EZ Dip Nails

EZ Dip Nails offers many benefits, we will go through the main benefits in more detail below.

Chip Resistant

Ez Dip nails are extremely durable and can last up to three weeks longer than a traditional gel manicure, and three to four weeks longer than standard nail polish.

More Vibrant Colors

The grains in dip powder manicures are finer, this results in more vibrant colors than gel or standard nail polish.

Light Weight

Some manicure types leave your fingers feeling heavy and weighed down. EZ Dip nail polish is very thin, this means that they are so light it feels like you are wearing no nail polish at all!

It should be noted here that even though the polish is very thin on the nails, it is still ultra durable.

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Simple to Apply and Additional Equipment Not Required

Unlike gel polish, EZ Dip Nails do not require a UV/LED Nail lamp to cure the polish. The polish is instead hardened via a chemical reaction when your nails are dipped into the powder.

The application process is quite simple, and is simply a matter of following a set order of instructions.

Water Resistant

While it does help to keep your hands your hands as dry as possible after having a manicure, getting them wet when doing standard daily chores will not shorten the life of your freshly polished nails.

Downside of EZ Dip Nails

The main complaint I have about all powder dip nail systems, is that they are generally harder to remove than any other type of polish.

It will generally take you about twice as long to remove this nail polish as you usually need to soak your nails for much longer.

This is the price you pay for super strong nail polish – so weigh this up before deciding to purchase.

The 4 Easy Steps To Doing Your Own EZ Dip Nails At Home

Click Here For Video Guide on EZ Dip Nails

Step 1: Prepare Nails

Remove any existing nail polish from your hands.

Push back and trim your cuticles then cut and file your nails to your desired shape.

Use a nail buffer to roughen your natural nail bed.

Clean the nails with an alcohol soaked wipe and let dry. It is very important that your nails are properly cleaned, any dirt or residue left on your nail bed will result in the manicure not bonding to your nail correctly.

Step 2 : Structure liquid and EZ Dip Powder

Lightly shake your EZ Dip Color Powder and remove the lid. Place it somewhere it is easy to reach.

Take your EZ Dip Structure Liquid and apply a thin coat to your nail.

Dip the finger into the color dip powder then tap off any excess with your other hand. Don’t tap on the nail itself or you will mark the polish.

Do this with each finger on one hand. To avoid accidentally bumping unfinished nails, it is recommended to completely finish one hand before starting the next.

Nail Technicians Tip: If you want a brighter color, then you can repeat this step. So basically after letting each nail dry for a few seconds, you can apply another layer of structure liquid and dip them again.

Step 3 : Promoter

Grab your promoter and apply liberally to your nails.

Allow the promoter to dry (about 30 seconds).

Grab a nail buffer and lightly buff your nails.

Now go wash and dry your hands.

Once your hands are completely dry, apply another layer of EZ Dip Promoter liquid to all nails.

Step 4 : Gloss Coat

Open your gloss coat and apply a coat to each nail.

Wait for each nail to be touch dry, then repeat.

Each nail should have two coats off gloss coat.

Enjoy your EZ Dip Nails!

That’s it!

After your nails are completely dry (wait 30 minutes at least), you can shape them with your file if you wish.

To do your own EZ Dip Nails at home you will need the following items:

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  • Nail Buffer

You can buy these items separately, or purchase them all (minus the nail buffer) as a starter kit:

EZ Dip Nails FAQ

Can You Refill EZ Dip Nails?

Yes! EZ Dip nails can be refilled – see the below video for a guide.

Where To Buy

EZ Dip Nails are available online from Amazon.

EZ Dip Nails Alternatives

If you have decided that EZ Dip Nails are not for you, then consider these alternative powder dip systems:

sns nails

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