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The Most Popular CND Shellac Colors – The Ultimate List

CND Shellac is one of the most popular types of nail polish around, but there are so many great colors to choose from! So we thought we would do the hard work for you and put together a list of the most popular CND Shellac Colors to help you make the choice so your nails always look great!

Why is are shellac nails so popular? Well that’s actually pretty easy to answer:

  • You get at least 2 weeks wear out of each Shellac Nails application
  • The shine of correctly applied Shellac is amazing
  • Dries super quick under a UV lamp
  • Easy to remove
  • No nail damage if removed correctly

So whether you are a girl (or boy!) that loves to stand out from the crowd, or you are just looking for a color to match the outfit you plan to wear to dinner on Saturday night, there is a color here for you.

Keep in mind that this list is in no particular order, those colors closer to the top of the list are not necessarily any more popular than those closer to the bottom.

If you are not familiar with CND Shellac Products, see our CND Shellac Product Guide Here.

The Most Popular CND Shellac Colors


The CND Shellac color Masquerade is a lovely modern pink, not to bright and not to dull.

It looks amazing with a fake tan and gold jewelry if that’s your thing, and while it could be described as timeless and classy – it wont be mistaken for your grandmothers left over polish!

CND Shellac Color Masquerade

CND Shellac Color Masquerade

Field Fox

Field Fox is a nude color with a beautiful light mauvey neutral shade. It has a bit of a lilac hue in certain lights. It really does go with almost everything!

Field Fox goes on very smoothly and generally requires two coats to achieve the best outcome.

CND Shellac Color Field Fox

CND Shellac Color Field Fox

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The CND Shellac Color Romantique is another pink color, but more subtle than Masquerade.

It is a natural looking color, but still stands out from nails that are not painted at all. Romantique also complements almost any color outfit and rarely (if ever) clashes with anything.

CND Shellac Color Romantique

CND Shellac Color Romantique


The CND Shellac Color Tropix is a bit of a tricky one, I say that because the color of the bottle is not a good indication of the actual color of the polish. The actual color of Tropix is an orange – pink sort of color, you might call it a coral pink.

But in saying that, this is still a great color that is ideal for the spring and summer fashions. I am also yet to see a skin tone that this color doesn’t suit!

CND Shellac color tropix

CND Shellac color tropix


Rubble is one of those CND Shellac colors that should be in every collection. Its a grayish brown color that also has a slight purple hue that seems to appear sometimes and not others. Some users actually call it a ‘taupe’ polish.

I would call this more of a fall/winter color that suits those who are fair of hair and skin.

CND Shellac Color Rubble

CND Shellac Color Rubble Swatch

Hotski to Tchotchke

Hotski to Tchotchke, how on earth do you say that? Well who cares…because we love it anyway! This is a very bright and bold teal/turquoise color that will likely only match particular outfits.

This CND Shellac color also has a bit of shimmer to it to make your nails really stand out, especially in the sunlight!

CND Shellac Colors Hotski to Tchotchke

CND Shellac Colors Hotski to Tchotchke

Midnight Swim

Do you generally stay away from Blue as a CND Shellac Color because they are too bright and look a bit juvenile? Well Midnight Swim is for you. This is a dark, sophisticated blue that looks almost black at times, but really comes to life under bright lights – especially the sun!

Midnight Swim also has just enough shimmer to catch the eye, without being too sparkly.

CND Shellac Nail Polish Color Midnight Swim

CND Shellac Colors Midnight Swim Swatch


Cityscape is a hard color to describe, I guess the best description is a light grayish-taupe color that under particular lights can look lavender…. make sense? No? I didn’t think so!

If you are searching the CND Shellac colors for one that suits fairer skinned individuals, then Cityscape is it.

CND Shellac Colors Cityscape

CND Shellac Colors Cityscape

Red Baroness

We couldn’t have a list of CND Shellac Colors and not include a nice dark red, which is exactly what Red Baroness is. This polish really comes to life with a great sparkle under a bright light or sunshine.

This color is so rich and spectacular, and will certainly make you feel like royalty. I guess that’s why they call it Red Baroness!

CND Shellac Colors Red Baroness

CND Shellac Colors Red Baroness
CND Shellac Colors Red Baroness Swatch


After your classic red color? Well Wildfire is it, no metallic or pearl to it at all. Just a good old fashioned red 😉

Every girl needs a classic red CND Shellac Color don’t they?

CND Shellac Colors Wildfire

CND Shellac Colors Wildfire

Cream Puff

The next of our CND Shellac colors is Cream Puff, which is a bit of an interesting one. It is basically a bright white, and has a number of uses.

Some people use it as a base coat for other colors (such as Negligee and Romantique), others use it as the tips for their french nails and other just use it for a bright white finish to their nails.

cnd shellac colors cream puff

CND Shellac Colors Cream Puff

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