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6 Tips To Style A Basic White Shirt

Your white shirt can be styled in various ways. It is like a blank canvas as it allows you to play around with ideas and colors. You can pair it up with bottoms and layers of different patterns and prints and come up with a new look every time. Try …

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Christmas Nail Art from Samantha Bewley

christmas nail art

Back in August we introduced you to Samantha Bewley and showed you some of her amazing nail art. Samantha has just sent me some of her latest designs and I thought you might like to see it. These designs are based around the merry season of Christmas, so take a …

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Introducing Samantha Bewley – Nail Artist

Samantha Bewley Nail Art

Hello my name is Samantha Bewley. I am writing this to present to you, the readers, my nail designs, but first I’d like to give you something which I rarely do a piece of me. I grew up in Bletchley MiltonKeynes, England, with 3 sisters and 1 brother. I was always …

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