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Our List of The Best OPI Gel Nail Colors of 2017

Considered one of the best gel nail polish brands available, OPI has certainly earned its place at the top of the gel nail polish tree. The best OPI gel nail colors are long lasting, affordable and have stunningly vivid colors. It is with good reason that many salon-goers and DIY users alike choose OPI as their preferred gel nail polish brand.

Best OPI Gel Nail ColorsReasons why we love OPI Gel Colors

New to Gel Nail Polishes?

Gel nail polishes are not like standard nail polish, they require you follow specific instructions and use some specialist equipment to harden the polish.

Sounds expensive? It’s not – at least not after you take into account the amount of money you will save by doing your own nails at home!

If you are new to gel nail polishes then learn how to do your own gel nails at home here.

The Best OPI Gel Nail Colors

But that brings us to our problem, with such a large collection of OPI gel colors to choose from, which is best?

Well we have tried them all, asked hundreds of people, read thousands of reviews and are here to provide you with our combined knowledge:

Read on for our list of the best OPI Gel Nail Colors available.

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This iconic dark purple has an almost 3D effect when you look at your nails in natural light and it is sure to draw the eye. OPI Ink is probably one of OPI’s better known colors and is a staple of many salons.

The only thing to note with this polish is that it is quite watery and can be more difficult to apply than some other colors.

Do not be tricked my the images, while it may look like a navy blue – it is actually a deep purple. If you love purple, you will love this OPI Gel Nail Polish.

Best OPI Gel Nail Colors
Best OPI Gel Nail Colors

Samoan Sand

OPI Gel Nail Color Samoan Sand is an adorable peachy/salmon nude color. It is what I would call a very neutral color and is ideal for a french manicure as well as a flat color.

Samoan sand has no shimmer at all, but it does leave your nails with a lovely natural shine.

When applying Samoan sand, you can apply 2 coats to leave the natural nail just visible. If you want an opaque finish then 3 coats will hide the natural nail all together.

Best OPI Gel Nail Colors Samoan Sand
Best OPI Gel Nail Colors Samoan Sand Swatch

Brisbane Bronze

Brisbane Bronze is a warm copper brown that has a lovely shimmer and sparkle to it. This OPI gel nail polish suits both dark and light skin colors and goes with almost anything, although it does particularly suit summer and autumn wear.

We love polishes that are easy to apply and Brisbane Bronze certainly is that! We recommend 2 – 3 coats to get the full effect of the color.

This OPI Gelcolor lasts a particularly long time due to the fact that chips and imperfections are well hidden by the color.

best OPI Gel Nail Colors Brisbane Bronze
best OPI Gel Nail Colors Brisbane Bronze

Bubble Bath

Advertised as a “sweet candy pink”, Bubble Bath is an adorable neutral pink color that perfectly blends with lighter skin tones.

Bubble Bath is an extremely pale pink/beige that matches almost any outfit. The color of it also means that as the polish grows out it, the natural nail will not stand out and look horrible.

If you are looking for a base to a french manicure then this OPI Gelcolor may be what you are after, but it also works great as a full polish. Being so flexible we love this color, and this is why it makes it into our Best OPI Gel Nail Colors list.

Best OPI Gelcolor
Best OPI Gelcolor

Princesses Rule!

Want to feel like royalty? Well Princesses Rule! may be the color you are after. It is a very light baby pink color with glitter in it that works well with most skin tones.

If you are after a sheer finish then 1 coat is perfect, while 2 or more coats will give you an opaque finish.

Don’t expect this to be your classic french manicure pink, because it isn’t – it has a generous amount of glitter (although not too much). But if you are after something different for your french manicure, then give Princesses Rule! a try.

OPI Gel Nail Colors
OPI Gel Nail Colors

A Grape Fit

This rich purple color gel polish is perfect, it isn’t too bright but it still draws the eye. A Grape Fit is nice and subtle if you have a darker skin tone and will really stand out if your skin is lighter.

Personally, I wear this color year round and when I do, I receive many compliments and it really does make me feel like a star.

Our list of the best OPI gel nail colors would not be complete without A Grape Fit so make sure you add it to your collection asap.

best opi gel nail colors
best opi gel nail colors

Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey!

Next in our list of the best OPI gel nail colors is another nude natural – Brisbane Bronze It not only has one of the oddest names we have come across, but it is also one of our favorite nudes of all time.

CNTH is is a super flexible shimmery pink, or almost even a gold type color. With a single coat it produces a translucent color, which two or more coats it is more opaque but it retains the lovely shimmer. Some people call this color almost invisible, so dont expect a color that draws the eye.

Be prepared for compliments when you wear this OPI Gelcolor as it is sure to impress!

best OPI Gel Nail Colors
Best OPI Gel Nail Colors

A Good Man-Darin is Hard to Find

What is a “best OPI Gel Nail Colors” list without something super bright and vibrant? Well that is exactly what A Good Man-Darin is Hard to Find is.

This red-orange color is a lovely deep color and suits medium to dark skin tones perfectly. Suitable for summer attire mostly, this color is sure to impress.

Everyone needs something like this in their collection, so make sure you check it out.

best OPI gelcolor
best OPI gelcolor

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  1. Please tell me what toxic chemicals are in OPI Gel polish.

    • I dont’t have an exact list of ingredients, but this is from OPI’s site:

      Since 2006, OPI has reformulated its entire line of Nail Lacquers, Nail Treatments, and Nail Hardeners to eliminate DBP (dibutyl phthalate) and Toluene.

      Formaldehyde has never been an ingredient in OPI Nail Lacquers.

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