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The Best One Step Gel Nail Polish

There’s nothing better than giving myself an in-home gel manicure. My cats love it too. Understandably so because my gel nail kit must seem irresistible from a feline point of view. All those strange smells start fueling kitty’s curiosity. The glimmering rhinestones absolutely beg to be pounced upon and spread across the room. And the flickering light of the gel nail lamp every thirty seconds teases and perplexes kitty, sometimes provoking her to attack.

best all in one gel nail polish
It’s no mystery why my furry friends are so eager to “help out” with a manicure—my work station looks a lot like a serve-yourself cat toy buffet! So, how do I ever manage to finish a do-it-yourself gel manicure? Easy–I made the switch to one step gel nail polish.

Even if you don’t need to worry about managing cats with wet nails, all in one gel polish is a convenient alternative to the traditional three step kind. While regular gel nail polish requires base and top coats, one step gel nail polish goes on in one quick, colorful coat! Not only is the tedious task of applying and drying base and top coats eliminated, so is the clutter on your work station/cat-toy buffet.

What We Look for in a One Step Gel Nail Polish

Now, before you bring out the file and glitter, there are a few things you should know about all in one gel.

Many brands now offer one step gel nail polish, and finding the perfect lacquer among all these options can be overwhelming.

You can narrow your search by looking for one step gel nail polish with some of these key qualities:

  • long-lasting results
  • no-chip wear
  • high gloss
  • free of damaging chemicals
  • easily removable
  • and you should also keep in mind which type of gel nail lamp is compatible to set the polish

The ideal 1 step gel polish would have most or all of these traits, but even those with only one or two of these characteristics can provide high-quality results, too.

Our Choice for the Best One Step Gel Nail Polish

We went on the search for the best one step gel nail polish but simply could not choose only one.

Read on for our list of favorites:

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SOLO One-Step Gel Polish in “Pink Lemonade”

Looking for something fresh and new? SOLO’s “Pink Lemonade” is as refreshing as it sounds! This gentle rose-pink looks great on all skin tones and, even better, it keeps looking good for about two weeks. This pink is just the right shade to grab attention without being in-your-face obnoxious.

Perfect for a classy night out with the girls or even in the professional world “Pink Lemonade” is extremely versatile. This all in one gel polish dries smoothly–with both LED and UV gel nail lamps–and it dries with plenty of shine!

This brand brags that it has one of the fastest soak-off times in the industry! If you wear this all in one gel nail polish long enough, it practically peels right off!

However, there is one unfortunate drawback to the SOLO all in one gel polish: this particular lacquer does not hold nearly as long as some of the other 1 step gel polishes on our list. Nonetheless, you’ll be applying “Pink Lemonade” at record speeds and will be sporting it far longer than any non-gel nail polish!

best one step gel nail polish
best one step gel nail polish

Red Carpet Manicure Ready Gel Polish in “Mint To Be”

Presenting the Red Carpet Ready Gel Polish in “Mint To Be”. You’ll truly feel like a celebrity on the red carpet with this creamy mint green on your nails!

Though “Mint To Be” is a lighter color, it’s optimistic glow is appropriate for any season! After all, the look of crisp clean nails isn’t seasonal–it’s always in!

Do you love this color as much as we do? You can wear this all in one gel polish for up to two weeks of chipless wear. That’s pretty good for polish that can be applied in one simple step!

You’ll need an LED light to harden this all in one gel nail polish, so double check the compatibility of your gel nail lamp before getting busy.

Another bonus with this all in one gel is that, after a couple of glamorous weeks, it can be easily removed without causing damage to your natural nails.

all in one gel polish
all in one gel polish

Haute One Step Gel Nail Polish in “Classic Red”

In the fast-paced world of fashion, trends change faster than you can refresh your instagram feed. But, even in fashion, there are a few classic looks that never go out of style. Among them the traditional red manicure.

Red nails are bright, catchy, and turn heads, but in a totally classy way. That’s why we love this 1 step gel polish from Haute Polish in “Classic Red”. “Classic Red” is another color that flatters all skin tones because of the sharp, colorful contrast it creates.

But we’re not just obsessed with the color, we also love the fact that Haute One Step Gel Nail Polish lasts for 2, nearly 3 weeks!

There’s no need to dread removal day, either–not only does polish come off easily and cleanly, but your natural nails underneath do not get damaged or thinned when you wear “Classic Red”. You can set this polish with both LED and UV gel nail lamps.

one step gel nail polish
one step gel nail polish

OneDor One Step Gel Polish in Navy

If you’re looking for something dark and mysterious, check out “Navy” from OneDor. This deep blue is reminiscent of the night sky and shines marvelously in the light. OneDor 1 step gel polish goes on in one quick coat and dries smoothly in seconds with either an LED or UV gel nail lamp.

Sadly, you can only wear “Navy” for about a week before incurring chips and dings in the polish. But the quality of your manicure more than makes up for that! Besides, that’s still impressively longer than the average manicure done with traditional polish!

Remember how I said to look for 1 step gel polish free of harmful chemicals? Well, now, you’ve found it! OneDor all in one gel is free of harsh adhesives, formaldehyde, solvents, and acetone so your nails will be thanking you! Not to mention, without these chemicals, this 1 step gel polish gives off fewer unhealthy fumes.

best one step gel nail polish
best one step gel nail polish

 Lagunamoon Gel Polish Pen 3-in-1 in “Galaxy”

Take your nails out of this world in one easy step with the Lagunamoon Gel Polish Pen in the color “Galaxy”. This shimmery, silver polish is sure to turn heads when it catches the light!

Though this polish dries flawlessly smoothly every time, the silver color reflects the light in a way that makes it appear as though “Galaxy” has subtle swirls, just like a galaxy.

This isn’t your average all in one gel nail polish, though. Rather than a bottle, this lacquer comes in a pen! This allows for greater control and precision while painting your nails, which is important if you’re applying an all in one gel polish.

Another great thing about this one step gel nail polish is that it can be set with either an LED or UV gel nail lamp, so chances are you’ve got all of the necessary materials for this gel manicure already at home.

Your nails will sparkle, glimmer, and shine for 14 days without incurring chips or dents when you wear “Galaxy”. And after 14 days the polish can be easily removed with rubbing alcohol–no need for harmful acetone.

best one step gel nail polish
best one step gel nail polish

Will You Make the Switch to One Step Gel Nail Polish?

We hope you’ve enjoyed our favorite 1 step gel polish products and wish you many weeks of chip-free, glamorous wear!

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