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Anti Drink Spiking Nail Polish Takes A Step Towards Reality

date rape nail polishYou may remember a story back in 2014 that got everyone all excited, a younger group of engineers had come up with a “Anti drink spiking nail polish.” The exciting thing about this nail polish is that it changed color when the wearer dipped it into a drink, and common drink spiking drugs were detected.

So we all got excited about this much-needed product, and it was spoken about by the media, bloggers, and people in the industry alike. And that’s the last we heard of it, until now. Undercover Colors, the company who is developing this nail polish, has recently raised $5.5 million in capital. And that’s not all, they have completed the research and development phase of the project.

So what does this mean? Well, two things really; the first is that people are investing serious money into the product. Investors do not put up this type of money unless there is a product that has been proven to work, and that it is going to sell like hot cakes! Secondly, if the research and development stage is complete – then so is the product. So we have a group of smart young people, who have developed a much-needed product that actually works AND they have money behind them.

We sincerely hope that this is a product that works as well as its marketing says it does. Not only could this save you from a sexual assault, but it also has the potential to save your life.

So while it’s not quite ready to go out and purchase, the anti drink spiking nail polish is well on its way to being available worldwide.

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