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ANC Nails: What are they and what are the benefits?

anc nailsOne of the latest trends in the nail polish industry is dip powder nails, and ANC nails are one of the biggest players in this market. It is with good reason that they are one of the top two brands vying for your attention: They produce a high-quality product that is also very affordable.

ANC (short for Amazing Nail Concepts) have been in the nail industry for over 20 years and have poured all their accumulated knowledge into their latest powder dip nails product.

ANC Nails offers many of the benefits of gel nails, but there is no special equipment required such as the UV nail lamp needed to set gel polish. The way that dip powder nails are hardened is when the polish comes into contact with a specially designed powder; this causes a chemical reaction that hardens the polish.

Powder dip nails do take some getting used to, and some practice is required to perfect the art, but your patience is well worth it, and the results can be incredible.

In this article, we will take a look at how ANC Nails works, the benefits of this system and where you can get your claws on it!

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Basic Application of ANC Nails

The method of applying ANC nails is easy to learn but takes more time to master. Regular practice will continue to improve your technique, and in no time at all, you will be producing professional results.

Most guides list many steps, but the essential steps are these:

1. Apply Amazing Nail Concepts prep liquid
2. Your nails are then dipped into the colored powder
3. A top coat is applied

Instead of re-typing out every other guide, we think that the best guide is that provided by ANC themselves below.

Amazing Nail Concepts have a whole series of tutorial videos that are really well done, they explain the application procedure in a straight forward and easy to understand manner that will make it much easier to learn the basics. The rest of the videos in the series can be found here.

How Does It Work?

There is a complex chemical reaction that happens to make ANC nails work the way they do, we won’t go into the nitty gritty of it but here are the basics behind it.

When your fingers are dipped into the powder, it adds a layer to your nails. An activator is then applied over the powder. As soon as this activator comes into contact with the powder the chemical reaction begins. This chemical reaction bonds the powder together and then hardens it, after a buff and shine the out comes your beautifully manicured nails!

The Benefits of ANC Nails

You Get an Ultra Smooth Finish

The magic ingredient in the Amazing Nail Concepts product is the dipping powder. This powder is what gives the polish its strength, and provides an ultra smooth nail.

ANC Nails are Long Lasting

Much like a gel manicure, ANC nails can last for four – six weeks when looked after correctly. The ANC polish will not chip or break over time like regular nail polish and can be quickly refilled when it grows out.

Better For Your Nails

Primers sometimes used for gel or acrylic nails are often acid based and can damage your natural nails, ANC nails requires no primer and thus this damage to your natural nails is not a concern.

dip powder nailsANC Nails are DIY Friendly

While ANC themselves do not sell directly to the public, their products can be readily obtained from Amazon. They provide helpful videos on their website to teach you the exact procedure for many different types of manicure and there are also some helpful accessories to make your life easier.

They Will Save You Money

If you are a regular at your salon, then you will seriously want to consider doing ANC nails yourself. The cost of an entire ANC Nails starter kit will set you back about the same as it costs you to go to the salon two or three times. So you earn on your fourth time, you are actually saving money!

Fewer Special Tools Required

Powder dip systems require fewer tools, LED Nail lamps are not required and the start up costs are not as high as they are for a professional quality gel nail kit.

Amazing Nail Concepts Tips

amazing nail conceptsThere are a few tips and tricks that are handy to know to make your transition to ANC nails just that little bit smoother.

  • Don’t expect perfect results instantly. We mentioned it earlier, but it really is true. It will take you a few goes to really get the hand of the technique. Don’t expect to get the ultimate salon quality manicure the first time you use it.
  • Start with a solid color. Yes, you may want to try the french manicure the first time, but it really just adds a layer of complexity that you do not need when learning how to use this product. Once you have the solid color perfect, then move onto the pink and white manicure you love.
  • The final finish gel is like glue! Seriously – be careful of this stuff. If it gets on anything clean it off with an alcohol soaked wipe immediately. If you find that you cant remove the lid from the finishing gel, then place it in a hot water bath for a few minutes, this helps to loosen it.
  • Some people find the smell horrible. Yes, ANC tells us its odor free, but it is not. There is a distinct smell to it that can get quite strong. Some people do not seem to be afected, but many people say it can be overwhelming, so have a fan on hand to help disperse the fumes if required.

Getting Started with ANC Nails

Getting started with Amazing Nail Concepts is actually quite easy, there is a starter kit readily available on Amazon at a very reasonable price. Remember how much money you are going to save by doing your own nails!

Get Started With ANC Nails

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ANC Nails Review

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Finish Quality

Get your claws into it!

ANC Nails are a great alternative to gel or acrylics. If you want to try something new then you should get into Amazing Nail Concepts today.

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Alternatives to ANC Nails

Some popular alternatives to ANC Nails are:

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