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Abody LED Nail Lamp Review – 42W/26W Adjustable LED UV Nail Lamp

On the search for a gel nail lamp? Then you’re probably facing a huge dilemma: should you get an UV or LED gel nail lamp? Well, with this Abody nail lamp you don’t have to choose! In fact, since this gel nail lamp is capable of exerting a wider range of ultraviolet light (365-405nm), the Abody nail lamp can be used to cure a variety of gel nail polishes, including UV gel, LED gel, builder gel, and gem glue. Now you can get the best of both worlds!

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Abody 42W/26W LED Nail Lamp Features
  • Hybrid UV/LED system cures a wider range of gel polishes
  • White light that is not as harsh on your hands
  • Auto hand sensing switches light on and off automatically
  • Three timer settings: 30/60/90 seconds
  • Adjustable power setting to further protect your hands

Why Consider This Abody Nail Lamp?

But there’s more to picking the right gel nail lamp than choosing between LED and UV light. You’ll need to consider how effective the device truly is. Fortunately for you, this Abody LED lamp review covers everything you need to know about the Abody nail lamp–including which polishes are most compatible!

The Benefits

The Abody nail lamp is entirely adjustable depending on which type of gel nail polish you want to cure. However, we recommend using the LED setting with this gel nail lamp. With the LED function, you can cure your gel nail polish without the potentially harmful effects of UV light. But aside from this, using the Abody nail lamp on LED mode can also produce more attractive results. LED light is whiter and brighter than UV light, so the color of your manicure remains vibrant instead of darkening.

Another major benefit of the Abody nail lamp is the auto-sensing by infrared induction. If you slip your fingers under the Abody nail lamp without activating any of the curing settings, the lamp automatically detects that it should activate it’s infrared induction. Infrared induction with the Abody nail lamp can even dry nails in as few as 5 seconds!

Abody nail lamp

Did this Abody LED nail lamp review already mention that the Abody nail lamp can use two different wattages depending on your preference? If you have sensitive skin or worry about the damage harsh LED or UV light can cause your skin, consider using this lamp at the lower wattage of 26W. Your skin won’t burn or dry out with the fans activated under this setting but your nails will become rock-hard dry!

This gel nail lamp is compact enough for travel, but large enough to comfortably fit an entire hand or even a foot! The Abody nail lamp measures approximately 7 x 8 inches and 4 inches tall.

The Drawbacks

The truth is, I’m a fan of this Abody nail lamp. There’s not a lot to dislike about such a diverse system. However, if poking buttons and keeping multiple settings straight sounds tedious and inconvenient, this gel nail lamp may not be the best one for you.

The Verdict

How Well Does it Work?

This Abody nail lamp may be the most versatile lamp out there. With a wide range of UV light wavelengths, this gel nail lamp is compatible with both UV and LED-curing gel nail polishes, as well as builder gel and gem glue. Great for beginners and experienced do-it-yourself manicurists alike.

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