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How Long To Cure Gel Nails With An LED Light

How Long To Cure Gel Nails With LED Light

So you want to know how long to cure gel nails with an LED light? While the answer can vary slightly depending on the model of led nail lamp you are using and the brand of gel polish, we can give you a few rules of thumb that will get …

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How To Remove SNS Nails The Right Way

how to remove sns nails

Applying SNS nails is the fun part, after all the work you get an awesome mani that will always get compliments. But when it comes to removal, well thats not so fun is it? So how do you remove SNS nails? The good news is that it is not all …

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The Best Press On Nails of 2017

best press on nails

Who doesn’t love the look of professionally manicured nails? But, let’s face it, a gel manicure every two to three weeks can easily break your budget. Fortunately there’s a more affordable alternative to salon gel manicures—press on nails. Now, I know what you’re thinking: won’t press on nails look cheap and …

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MelodySusie Pro48W LED/UV Nail Lamp Review

melodysusie pro48w nail dryer review

Struggling with an important decision? As in: Should you get a UV-curing or LED-curing gel nail lamp? Your dilemma is solved with the MelodySusie Pro48W Nail Lamp! You can cure both UV-set and LED-set gel nail polishes with this gel nail lamp. The MelodySusie Pro48W Nail Lamp combines aesthetics with practicality, so you can have the …

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Choosing The Best Manicure Table – Buying Guide

best manicure table

For any nail technician, a manicure table is probably the most important item to buy (other than your kit, of course). Knowing which one to choose for your needs can be hard. The research has been done, and there are different manicure tables for different needs. Even those of you …

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