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Learn How to Strengthen Nails Naturally with Gelatin

If you get your nails done regularly then you have probably noticed that your nails become weaker and weaker over time. Eventually you are going to want to know how to strengthen nails!

Your nails start to chip, bend and break much easier and eventually they start to get horribly thin. It may have even got to a point where its quite painful doing day to day activities, so you are probably wondering how to strengthen nails naturally.

Well as Reddit user /u/-susan- found out, gelatin not only strengthens nails, it also has many other benefits as well.

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How to Strengthen Nails Naturally with Gelatin

Much to her dismay, Susan’s nail problems were going from bad to worse.

how to strengthen nails with gelatin
One type of Gelatin powder

“My Nails were super weak, always splitting, peeling, breaking and just very thin and crappy in general.” Lamented Susan.

How to strengthen nails was a question always on her mind.

After reading about the benefits of taking gelatin and its nail strengthening capabilities, she decided to try taking gelatin orally.

Since she started taking gelatin, Susan has been amazed with the results.

“I want to shout the awesomeness of gelatin from the rooftops so everyone knows about it” she told us when we contacted her about her experience. “I stopped having ANY breaking/peeling/splitting of nails. Seriously, unless I take a clipper to them, my nails are rock solid, it’s amazing.”

On top of this, her nail length is great and her nail polish is really going the distance.

“My polish doesn’t chip (it used to constantly chip because my nails were so bendy). They’re waaaaaaay longer then I’ve ever been able to grow them, for the first time in my life I have to trim them because they’re getting too long!”

Susan used Beef Gelatin Natural Powder from Amazon, but any gelatin powder will do.

“Ideally you want to take 1-2 tsp a day” says Susan, “You can put it in hot or cold drinks, soups, sauces, etc. I use it to make my own capsules, as I prefer to take it in capsule form, and buying them is waaaaaay too expensive.”

How Long Till I See Results?

So how long till you can expect results? Susan started to notice changes an a matter of weeks, but she did state that it takes about 6 months to get the full benefits of taking gelatin regularly. After 6 months, Susan noticed that her nails were stronger than they ever had been before.

Why Does Gelatin Strengthen Nails?

Gelatin is composed of glycine and proline, which most people do not consume enough of. These amino acids are needed for weight regulation, immune system functions and proper hair, skin and nail growth.

Other Benefits of Taking Gelatin

Stronger nails weren’t the only benefit that Susan noticed.

“My eyelashes are a lot longer now, and thicker, same for my brows. I believe the hair on my head is thicker too” Susan goes on to say ” I used to shed hair like crazy, now I notice very little comes out when I brush”.

A bit of research on the internet uncovers a whole myriad of the benefits of gelatin: how to strengthen nails with gelatin

  • Helps with nail growth
  • Helps with thicken and strengthen hair
  • Helps tighten lose skin
  • Good for joints and helps with joint recovery
  • Assists with digestion and chronic bowel problems
  • Excellent source of dietary collagen
  • Source of protein

We have also heard that Gelatin can help with sleep problems, reducing cellulite and speeding up wound healing.

Start Taking Gelatin Now

Stop wondering how to strengthen nails, in the scheme of things, gelatin is not expensive. In fact, considering the benefits it can bring and how much you may spend on fixing chipped and broken nails it could end up saving you money!

So want to know how to strengthen nails nauturally with gelatin?

We recommend taking 1 – 2 teaspoons of gelatin a day, whether its mixed in with a food or in capsule form.

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If you would like to read the original post on Reddit, you can do so here.

Awhile ago I made a post asking if anyone here had taken gelatin for nails, and no one had. Well now I have, and my results have been AMAZING (not just nails, but hair, eyelashes & eyebrows as well) AMA! from lacqueristas

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